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Yesterday I attended the PRSA Chicago luncheon discussion of social media. It was loaded with interesting and thoughtful insights: Erick Benderoff skillfully conveyed the new challenges and opportunities journalists are facing as they juggle traditional stories and blogs, Stephanie Moritz shared some courageous forays of ConAgra brands into the social media space, and Dick Costolo of Google offered an exciting view of things to come. But in the midst of these thought provoking ideas one simple comment stuck with me. Honestly, I cannot recall which panelist stated parenthetically that “time is moving faster” but it is the topic of time that has been on my mind since yesterday’s event. Read the rest of this entry »

“I get a lot of junk that has no relevance to my magazine. I think people should refine their lists.”  Or, “Our use of press releases is governed by their local relevance.”  These are the kinds of comments we often hear from journalists who are overwhelmed with information but also rely on press releases to do their jobs. 

Good target lists are, and always will be, essential to any successful press release strategy.  (The subject of target lists has gotten much more complicated with the entry of bloggers into the mix but that is a subject I will address another day!) Proven email tactics can help PR professionals target more effectively.  If you’ll indulge me and read on, here are just 3 of the many reasons why i think a little email expertise can improve press release performance and how segmentation fits in…  Read the rest of this entry »

I subscribe to an awful lot of e-newsletters and e-marketing pieces.  I am an email geek after all.  What continues to amaze me is how bad most of them render through my preview pane. 

As most of our clients have heard me say many times: HTML emails should be designed so that anyone who sees it through a preview pane with images blocked can still read the text, browse available links and know if images/video/audio are included. 

This focus on content is particularly true when you’re distributing a New Media Release.   Read the rest of this entry »

Every day I talk to clients about the same thing: how to make their digital press release more effective.  That part is easy—we are absolutely married to the idea that if you give highly targeted journalists and bloggers a good release and add the info (images, video, links, quotes, facts, etc) that makes covering a story easier and more interesting, you’ll get better pick-up.  It is the golden rule of PR: treat journalists as they want to be treated.  I love that part (especially all the great success stories I hear from our clients!) 

What is complicated about these ongoing conversations with clients is remembering how their organization or PR firm refers to digital releases.  The semantics vary from IPK (internet press kit) to MNR (multi-media news release) to EPK (electronic press kis) to NMR (new media release) to SMNR (social media news release) to simply ekit.  Honestly, it’s exhausting (and frankly, the cognitive dissonance makes me need another cup of coffee)!

Are all those things exactly the same?  No, not really.  But there is an awful lot of overlap.  As has been noted by many digital release advocate savvier than little old me, EPKs/IPKs/MNRs/SMNRs/NMRs can sometimes replace, and more often compliment, traditional releases, reaching new audiences or simply enhancing efforts with more traditional audiences.  Here’s a run down of the differences, incredibly over simplified in part because they are used a bit differently by different people:

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