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I am a managing partner at PWR New Media; thus, the comments in this blog really do reflect the opinion of PWR (or some portion of it at least).  I have been involved with designing and distributing New Media Releases (also called IPKs, EPKs, ekits, MNRs, and SMRs depending on the client) for about five years. I have two adorable children, a husband who is almost as cute as the kids, a collection of (not so relevant) history degrees and have lived in Chicago for 15 years although I am originally from the tiny town of Lehi in Utah, famous as the site where Footloose was filmed.  I love email, books, traveling, my clients (really) and writing in the first person.

PWR New Media works with PR professionals, designing and distributing New Media releases.  Our NMRs are, first and foremost, journalist and blogger-friendly.  We believe in the golden rule of PR: give targeted journalists and bloggers what they want.  Make it easy for them to pick-up your story by delivering social media enabled and media rich releases–loaded with images, audio, video, links, blogs and more–directly to the inbox.  We believe that content is king and relevance rules.

We are email communications experts.  That means we can get your NMR to the inbox looking and working great. We also take advantage of proven email tactics to improve targeting and release performance. Our NMRs are highly branded and give PR professionals an opportunity to match their clients’ marketing initiatives. And, we support follow-up efforts by providing back-end analytics so you know who viewed your release.

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