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Every day I talk to clients about the same thing: how to make their digital press release more effective.  That part is easy—we are absolutely married to the idea that if you give highly targeted journalists and bloggers a good release and add the info (images, video, links, quotes, facts, etc) that makes covering a story easier and more interesting, you’ll get better pick-up.  It is the golden rule of PR: treat journalists as they want to be treated.  I love that part (especially all the great success stories I hear from our clients!) 

What is complicated about these ongoing conversations with clients is remembering how their organization or PR firm refers to digital releases.  The semantics vary from IPK (internet press kit) to MNR (multi-media news release) to EPK (electronic press kis) to NMR (new media release) to SMNR (social media news release) to simply ekit.  Honestly, it’s exhausting (and frankly, the cognitive dissonance makes me need another cup of coffee)!

Are all those things exactly the same?  No, not really.  But there is an awful lot of overlap.  As has been noted by many digital release advocate savvier than little old me, EPKs/IPKs/MNRs/SMNRs/NMRs can sometimes replace, and more often compliment, traditional releases, reaching new audiences or simply enhancing efforts with more traditional audiences.  Here’s a run down of the differences, incredibly over simplified in part because they are used a bit differently by different people:

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